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I-WHKSMTSHO-01-STST-XXXX-V1 5.0 star rated
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Storefront Attributes

  • Energy Star: No
  • Water Sense: No
  • Media Feature: R1rJYjpjHOY
  • Media Feature Markdown: * Does not require batteries for installation. * Fits all standard 1/2 inch shower arms. * Takes seconds to install. * Flow rate of 2 GPM. * Water consumption of 2 GPM.
  • Show PDP Info Banner in Product Details: true

Thermostat Features

  • Brand: Waterhawk
Model: 422720
REAL TIME DATA WHILE YOU RINSE The WaterHawk 6” inch Smart Rain Showerhead with LED display helps you save water and money by monitoring water usage and temperature while showering. The shower is the number two water user in the household, accounting for 27% of your water usage and water bill. Yet, there has not been an easy or sensible way to know how much water is used while showering—until now. WaterHawk is powered by the flow of water, no external power supply or batteries are needed for operation. Water usage in Gallons Per Minute and temperature information will alternate on the integrated LED display while showering. The LED ring that surrounds the display quickly indicates the water temperature range, so you’ll know right away when your shower is at the perfect temperature. The WaterHawk fits all standard ½” inch shower arms and installs in seconds.